LEGO Stop Motion film

Skills: Camera op., Color Grading, Concept Dev., Directing, Editing, Visual Effects

It’s my first real stop motion video I have ever made. It is Lego based short film based completely on my own writing and production.

This particular short film started out based on one Lego set – Lego Chima Fire starter (Car). Therefore I had to figure out a story based mainly just on that. This is what I managed to do.

This is a personal project in order to improve my writing, production planning and producing skills. It is quite a great solution if you think about it – I imagine a short story and then make it! The best part is that I can do it all in my living room! Meaning I don’t have to hire actors, have huge light setups, organize lots of locations, have huge camera rigs and many lenses – I can just focus on getting my skills better.

It is an ongoing project with quite an interesting route planned out. At the same time it is very broad and far fetching project ranging from Production to Marketing activities. Main publishing platform is going to be Youtube. Right now the specified Youtube channel ( for this project is going to focus more on Behind the Scenes for the short films made and as a catalog of all my films. I’m collaborating with Brick Ultra which is an another Youtube channel focusing on entertaining Lego community with Lego short films, Lego news, reviews and everything else regarding Lego.


For any news on this project please visit:


Twitter: @BrickDemolition


My work here:

  • The whole production
  • Production cycle refinement
  • Marketing research

Main challenges:

  • I am alone (currently) and there’s so much to cover
  • Requires a lot of research
  • This is a relatively new area to me so some unexpected equipment/software is required from time to time
  • Very time consuming plus hard to balance with my day job and my time to rest