Teaser – Poker party

Skills: Camera op., Color Grading, Concept Dev., Directing, Editing
Client: http://www.secretgames.dk/

This is an intro film to a real life puzzle solving game called Secret Games where 2-5 persons get locked into room in order to solve the door code in 60 min using multiple smaller puzzles leading to the main one.

This video is meant to be shown to the just arrived participants of the game at the location on a TV screen. Main purpose is for them to get in the right mood kind of like a transition from the real world to the Secret Games world.

This was a real rush and improvisation project done in more or less 2 days. It was really fun to work on it mainly to see how good can I perform right here and right now without too much planning what I prefer to achieve the best of quality.

My work here:

  • Story revision/finalization
  • Production planning
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Sound balancing

Main challenges:

  • Story and Production planning without even seeing the location beforehand
  • Limited light setup
  • Very limited time frame
  • Everything else dependent on not seeing the location first